McCosker’s have been engaged to complete the camp rehabilitation and site conformance works at APLNG. Project is being led by Matt Nipperess and John Schiulaz  and has a current crew size of 12 plus 2 contractors with a peak manning of approximately 18. 

 This project has 3 main portions, Camp Rehabilitation which is crushing 16,000t of redundant concrete to minus 100mm and place over the entire camp area followed by a 200mm layer of compacted roadbase. Cut to fill 3 of the construction facilities areas to final levels with all the remaining road base to be taken to the camp area as fill and repair work to clean and dirty water drains including removal of reeds and vegetation, repair geofabric and anchormat, repair scours etc.  

The project has been underway since the 30/1/17 and the team is off to an excellent start with positive feedback received from our client on the teams safety culture and the way the team have hit the ground running.

Andrew Smith— Project Manager APLNG  

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