Our little team out here has really put in the hard yards, the hurdles and site conditions in front of us are considerable and we daily see temps over 40 here, not to mention working on a live stockpile….  

As the project progress the lads bond gets tighter and the internal support for each other grows, to this end I can say the program is running very well due only to the innovation and culture these lads are showing. There’s laughs, and ideas flowing daily, if there’s a safer faster way to progress the works the lads throw the idea into the supervisors to implement.  As you know this is the perfect way to bring a job in on time and budget. 

 Our client has provided weekly feedback on the culture on the site and the tidy and professional work areas, to this end we have picked up additional works and the future for projects on site is bright. 

Geroge Fitos—Project Manager—Curragh Mine   

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