The EQIP Doorways to Civil Construction is delivered at McCosker Contracting Pty Ltd, Gladstone, where Year 10 students commit to 1 day per week on-site and structured work placements with Civil Construction companies. 

The program aims to develop baseline skills for young people in school wanting to enter the industry.  Students are exposed to the necessary pre-requisite qualifications needed to pursue further training and career pathways in a variety of civil construction fields.  

Year 10 students remain enrolled at their base school and are on site one day per week working with a variety of mentors at McCosker Contracting performing real tasks in real contracting situations.  Students must also commit to 2 weeks approved work experience.  

In 2017 we have welcome d 18 students as well as their mentor, Greg who has been involved in this program for a number of years. The year has already seen the kids off to cracker start, on their third week already on the tools they are assisting with a QAL project making pre-fab 1.6m x 1.6m pre cast concrete bases for concrete lighting. The year will also see some community work completed, assisting the Gladstone Maritime Museum with design, planning and construction of a new shed as well as a few other projects that we will  certainly keep you updated on their progress throughout the year. 

 Students in the EQIP Doorways to Civil Construction program are enrolled in a Certificate 1 in Resource and Infrastructure Operations which is an entry qualification for careers in civil construction and mining industries amongst others.

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