What was in 2016 

2016 saw QITRC reach a major milestone in the rehabilitation of sick and injured sea turtles, where on the 5th of October 2016 QITRC celebrated the 100th turtle release. Since then we have released 104 turtles and expect over the coming month another turtle in care will be released, and more importantly only 3 turtles currently in care, which is a sign of positive change within the environment and from human interaction. 

 A fifth containment tank was purchased in 2016 to care for larger turtles (in excess of 80kg) requiring intensive care and constant monitoring. This now gives QITRC the flexibility to hold two large turtles in contained care whilst still operating our 3 medium tanks for the smaller turtles requiring ongoing attention whilst still having the large pool for those turtles who are on their way to recovery, only requiring fattening for release.  

 Two full time volunteer carers work in the daily operation of QITRC, under the guidance of the person in charge. They look after the daily monitoring, feeding, cleaning and upkeep of the turtles and centre. Every Saturday we continue to have a large group of approximately 30 community volunteers that attend our volunteer sessions between 8am and 12pm. On these days up to three volunteers provide their time to assist in the larger tasks of food preparation, weighing, feeding and cleaning. The awareness of this volunteer program from the wider community, throughout Australia and even internationally has increased over the past 6 months with more and more interest shown to become a part of the program. Our volunteer base is now becoming a crucial part to the ongoing success of rehabilitation of sick and injured turtles. Noticeably, raising awareness to the public of what we do, but more importantly how the community can change their actions to better support the environment and the wildlife that survives off it. 

Funding for the centre has continued with the support from McCosker (QITRC Head Partner since inception) along with APLNG providing their fourth year of funding for the turtles. 2016 also saw the partnership with Gladstone Ports Corporation over a three year term. Along with the support from these major contributors as well as the local community, we see only onwards and upwards for the centres success in releasing these awesome creatures back into the wild. 

 Since our first turtle was admitted in March 2012, we have now seen 186 Turtles through the centre. Four different species have been admitted and cared for, all four species having been released back into the wild; 4 Flat Back | 167 Green Sea Turtle | 15 Hawksbill | 2 Loggerhead 

The following statistics outline the number of turtles admitted into care and their status exiting the centre since inception in 2012; 104 Released | 3 Currently in Care | 52 Died in care | 22 Dead on arrival | 4 Euthanised | 1 Transferred to another facility specializing in the care of Fibropapilloma The following statistics show the specie of turtle released from the centre since 2012; 91 Green Sea Turtle | 9 Hawksbill | 2 Flatback | 2 Loggerhead. This shows a 67% success rate (which does not include dead on arrival turtles in our statistics, as these turtles were out of our care / assistance prior to arriving at the centre).

2016 saw the following turtle intakes and outcomes through the centre; 22 turtles Admitted – 3 turtles still in care, 11 Released (64% success rate, not including dead on arrival), 1 Dead on arrival, 4 Died in care,  1 Transferred to another facility,  2 Euthanaised We hope 2017 environmental and human interactions are positive for QITRC, we are excited to see the care for turtles reducing, which is positive to the local Sea Turtle population. 

McCoskers look forward to a continued relationship with QITRC and supporting their continued growth through the year. We see only better technology, medicines and foods being supplied to ensure a timely recovery for these sick and injured turtles, ensuring they are returned back to their natural environment as quickly as possible. 

To save a sick or injured Sea Turtle—call 0408 431 304 or 07 49 700 100 

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