At McCosker we recognise that the protection of our natural environment is one of the greatest challenges facing society today.

We also recognise that our position in the construction industry requires us to take real leadership in initiatives to mitigate the environmental impact of our activities and contribute to both a sustainable and prosperous future.

As is the nature of our business we find ourselves working on projects in a variety of locations. Therefore McCosker implement ‘Site-specific Environmental Management Plans’ individually tailored to manage environmental issues relating to each project we work on.

McCosker EMPs ensure work is performed within statutory and community environmental requirements while at the same time proceeding with necessary construction activities in a responsible and productive manner.

In conjunction with Site-specific EMPs, McCosker are exploring and implementing a range of measures which will reduce our overall ecological footprint. Our current focus is on five key areas;

  1. Reduction of scope one C02-e emissions from plant and machinery.
  2. A waste reduction, managment and recycling program.
  3. Reduced energy consumption and adoption of renewable energy technologies.
  4. Reduced water consumption and adoption of water efficient practices.
  5. Adoption of sustainable construction materials and practices.

McCosker Contracting Environmental Policy

Environmental certification; AS/NZS ISO 1400:2004

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