Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL)

Tailing Dam Residue Management

Industry: Alumina Refinery Plant

Discipline: Residue Management

Duration: Ongoing

Location: Parsons Point, Gladstone, Queensland

McCosker Contracting have a long standing relationship with QAL to conduct Mud Farming operations on Residue Disposal Area (RDA) dams #1 and #2. The operation includes the supply of Amphibious Scrollers – designed and built by McCosker – and modified LGP Bulldozers, operation/training and maintenance of amphibious excavators.

Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL)

Tailing Dams - Road raises, Dam lifts, etc.

Industry: Alumina Refinery Plant

Discipline: Civil Infrastructure & Maintenance Operations

Duration: Ongoing

Location: Parsons Point, Gladstone, Queensland

Dam wall raisers and repairs for all Maintenance and Operations Works at the RDA, Ash Dams and associated structures. Supply, Operation and Maintenance of Plant and Equipment for de-watering and consolidation of residue material. Supply, Supervision and Operation of plant for Civil Work and Maintenance, including; Dam maintenance, upstream wall raises, operation and maintenance of de-watering pumps and piping systems, road and drain maintenance, sediment control structures, decant structures, HDPE installation and welding, dam wall raises and repairs.

Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL)

Civil Maintenance Project

Industry: Alumina Refinery Plant

Discipline: Civil Maintenance and Plumbing

Duration: 3 Years (second contracted term)

Location: Parsons Point, Gladstone, Queensland

McCosker made available all necessary resources for the QAL operation plants for ongoing civil, building and plumbing maintenance works. Our permanent onsite team and plant deliver all facets of the plants general maintenance, as well as incidents outside of normal operations.

Scope of works included all aspects of civil works, including road repair, foundation repair, cleaning of chemical tanks, carting of raw materials and wharf remediation. Our crew form part of the QAL operations team and complied with all relevant Client and Company procedures and safety requirements.

Australia Pacific LNG

Site Works Project

Industry: Gas and Energy

Discipline: Bulk Earthworks

Duration: 2 Years

Value: $526m

Location: Curtis Island, Gladstone, Queensland

McCosker formed a fully integrated joint venture with Fulton Hogan to be awarded the civil site works contract (bulk earthworks) on the Australia Pacific LNG development project with Bechtel oil and gas. In excess of 3.5 million cubic meters of earthworks was performed, plus other associated works. This project had the challenging logistical constraints of marine transport of all resources and material within the confines of the busy Gladstone harbour.

Orica Australia

Yarwun 3 Expansion Upgrade

Industry: Heavy Industry

Discipline: Civil Infrastructure

Duration: 7 Months

Value: $9m

Location: Yarwun, Gladstone, Queensland

Worley, on behalf of Orica Australia, engaged McCosker in the upgrade and expansion of the ammonium nitrate plant, including the infrastructure required to support this plant. A major portion of the works included construction of several fluid retention structures, cooling

towers, acid retaining slabs and bunds, left wells and oil separators. A total of 3,000m3 of concrete was proud in a tight eight month schedule, with significant changes to the project design and scope of works presented throughout this period.

Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB)

Water & Sewerage Infrastructure Project

Industry: Service Infrastructure

Discipline: HDPE Pipelines, Assoc. Civil Works

Duration: 1 Year

Value: $75m

Location: Curtis Island, Gladstone, Queensland

Project scope included supply and install of 450mm diameter water and sewerage HDPE pipe over two job sites, covering 10km, scour and air valves and complex pipe manifolds at customer LNG plant connections. Works also included three concrete sewer pump stations, four 3.5mL plate steel water storage tanks, mechanical and electrical installation, 5.5km of buried HV power cable, with 6.5km of access road and cross road drainage to TMR standards. McCosker constructed a boost pump station on Gladstone mainland. Also completed were several industrial building structures, block work, steel and concrete, with telemetry systems to connect and automate all infrastructure.

Envirogen Oaky Creek Coal Mine

Gas Gathering Network Project

Industry: Energy

Discipline: HDPE Pipe

Duration: 6 Months

Value: $1m

Location: Tieri, Bowen Basin, Queensland

Project included supply and install of 450mm and 315mm HDPE, and tying-in wellheads to the gas gathering networks, with over 15km laid in trench. Installation also included low point drains. Works were successfully complete whilst overcoming extreme weather events of both rain and heat.

Wesfarmers Curragh

Product Stockpile Replacement Project

Industry: Mining

Discipline: Structural Concrete

Duration: 10 Months

Value: $16m

Location: Blackwater, Queensland

McCosker was engaged to replace the stacker and reclaimer rails. Works included the removal of existing rails, sleepers and ballast, to be replaced with concrete strip footings to support new rail. Work was conducted in stages to allow the facility conveyor to be fully operational whilst the project was completed.

Boyne Smelters Limited (BSL)

Site Preparation, Earthworks & Structural Concrete Project

Industry: Infrastructure

Discipline: Concrete Works

Duration: 3 Years

Value: $23m

Location: Boyne Island, Queensland

The SNC Lavalin and SKM Joint Venture (SSJV) for Boyne Smelter Development saw McCosker appointed as head contractor for site preparation and structural concrete. This involved the initial set-up of contractor facilities for the upgrade works on the new Boyne Smelters Limited plant and carbon bake furnace 4.

Scope included the major earthworks, 25,000m3 of road pavements, placement of 12,000m

of structural concrete and install of 112 25T precast walls and 5,000 precast vaults.

Darlrymple Bay Coal Terminal

7X Project

Industry: Port Infrastructure

Discipline: Civil and Marine Works

Duration: 8 Months

Value: $11m

Location: Darlrymple Bay, Mackay, Queensland

This project completed civil works for head contractor, Connell Hatch and Walz Construction. The scope of work included detailed earthworks, structural concrete and installation of services and associated works for the upgrade of the on-ground conveyors, transfer towers, surge bin, elevated conveyor modules, substations and offshore civil works.

Gladstone Regional Council

Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements

Industry: Main Roads

Discipline: Floor Repairs

Duration: 18 Months

Value: $25m

Location: Boyne Valley, Gladstone, Queensland

McCosker formed a fully integrated joint venture with BMD Constructions with BMD main roads experience, and McCosker’s extensive local fleet of plant and earthworks personnel the project consisted of flood repairs to various type of rural and town roads from as far south as Miriam Vale to Raglan in the north. A good majority was west in the Boyne Valley. The joint venture delivered on time and budget subgrade treatment type a - 1,737,000m, excavation, grading and shaping of table drains - 672km, type 2.1/2.3 Unbound pavement -

6,200m, unsealed road unbound pavement - 180,000m3, winning, crushing and screening unsealed road pavement - 254,000m3 and sprayed bitumen surfacing-39,200m2

Bechtel Australia

Special Services Agreement

Industry: Gas & Energy

Discipline: General Services

Duration: 3 years

Location: Curtis Island,

Gladstone, Queensland

Upon completion of the Australia Pacific LNG bulk earthworks project which McCosker completed in a fully integrated joint venture with Fulton Hogan ($526,000,000), Bechtel engaged McCosker in two special services agreement. These contracts were for road works, plant hire, drainage works, building rectification and general civil works on the mainland facilities as well as APLNG Curtis Island plant.

Wiggins Island Coal Exporting Terminal (WICET)

General Services Contract

Industry: Coal Infrastructure

Discipline: General Services Contract

Duration: 18 Months

Value: $21m

Location: Wiggins Island, Gladstone, Queensland

In February 2014 WICET awarded McCosker a General Service Contract for any outstanding services not completed by previous contracts. Scope of works included; Access Road, Northern & Southern Site Roads (All sealed and furnished to DMR specifications), Stockyard stabilised Pavement and Coal bedding Layer. Site rehabilitation and environmental works have been completed on a large scale. Project achievements are; lime stabilisation of insitu

pavement – 192,000m3, installation of type 2.1 &2.3 road base for unbound pavements to DMR spec – 76,500 tonnes, 2 coat spray seal – 75,000m2, reinforced shot crete and fibre crete – 10,000m2, clearing of marine sensitive habitat – 6,700m2, excavation to fill – 20,000m3, hydro mulching – 55,000m2 and compaction of coal – 57,600m3.

Burnett Water Pty Ltd

Kirra Weir Flood Damage Repair

Industry: Service Infrastructure

Discipline: Flood Damage Repair

Value: $900,000

Location: West of Eidsvold, Mundabbera, Queensland

This project consisted of reconstructing flood damaged roads and embankment infrastructure and restoration of, control room repairs, bank protection, revegetation and groundwater monitoring bores. McCosker successfully completed multiple embankment repairs and restorations, placed service trenching, driveways, installed a revegetation area sprinkler system, constructed roads, drains and rock pitching, in-stalled security fencing, concreted rock fill into place, hydro mulched embankments and installed standpipe capillary tubes.

Sun Water Ltd

Ned Churchward Weir Flood Damage Repair

Industry: Service Infrastructure

Discipline: Flood Damage Repair

Location: West Bundaberg, Queensland

This project consisted of the reconstruction and realignment of access roads, installation of concrete footpaths to the toe of the weir and bank protection works. McCosker successfully completed the replacement of damaged hand and guardrails, inlet box culverts and outlet, the installation of hand and guardrail combination, constructed concrete footpaths, made repairs to gabions, profiled eroded embankment areas, reburied the exposed and installed a new concrete anchor.

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)

Stacker Reclaimers 1 & 2 - Civil Works

Industry: Coal Resources

Discipline: Bulk Earthworks, Piling & Rail Infrastructure

Duration: 8 Months

Location: Hay Point, Mackay, Queensland

McCosker was engaged by BMA to perform the preparation and infrastructure works for their new incoming stacker reclaimers. This work involved the excavation, ground water

treatment and cement stabilisation of approx. 24000m2 of crane pads. The construction of an 8000m3 bund wall, installation of 24 X1.2/0.9x14m deep concrete piles and associated

concrete headstocks and the replacement of approx. 100 lineal metres of Stacker Reclaimer rail line. Due to the ever changing ground conditions, McCosker were working constantly with BMA to overcome schedule challenges which facilitated the delivery of an on-time and under budget project. McCosker closely values the working relationship with our clients, enabling consistent communication flow and collaboration. This, in turn, enables successful project outcomes for all stakeholders.

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)

HDPE Water Pipeline

Industry: Coal Resources

Discipline: Water Infrastructure

Duration: 7 Months

Value: $5m

Location: Daunia, Queensland

McCosker completed a new 15.652 km Daunia spur pipeline (DN 400mm HDPE PN20) run from the BMC owned Braeside pipeline terminating at the existing Daunia DN355 Pn10 HDPE line that feeds Daunia Dam 2, which in turn feeds the coal handling process plant (CHPP). Works included; pipe works - buried pipeline, 15.652 kms installation of isolation valves, air valves and tees, civil works - clearing, grubbing, stringing, welding, trenching, lowering, backfilling, testing & commissioning and reinstatement.

Orica Limited

CC1 First Flush Retention Basin

Industry: Mining - Explosive and Blasting

Discipline: Water Infrastructure

Duration: 6 Months

Value: $5m

Location: Yarwun, Gladstone, Queensland

This scope of work includes the supply of materials, labour, equipment, consumables, services and transport for the fabrication, construction, installation, testing and preparation of necessary documentation for the CC1 first flush retention basin permanent civil and concrete works at the Yarwun site for Orica Australia Pty Ltd. Works included; demolition and removal of existing CC1 outlet and associated pipework, removal of pump, lighting and monitoring station at existing, demolition and removal of lining to temporary drainage, channels and basin floor, demolition and removal of temporary basin pump slab removal of temporary basin de-watering facilities, piling design, supply, installation, testing and certification of steel screw piles for CC1 basin concrete structure support, earthworks removal and stockpiling of rock lining to temporary drainage channels and basin floor, preparation of basin floor for screw pile installation, backfilling of temporary drainage channels and basin ramp, excavation and backfilling for basin inlet drains, excavation for basin overflow channel, supply and installation of erosion protection mattress to overflow channel, regrading and reinstatement of rock lining within the existing outlet drain, final landscaping earthworks.

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)

Special Services Agreement

Industry: Coal Resources

Discipline: General Services

Duration: 3 years

Location: Bowen Basin, Queensland

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance engaged McCosker’s in a special services agreement for the Project Development Groups (PDG) smaller jobs (Less than $20,000,000). The projects were scattered across all the northern sites from Hay Point Coal Terminal, west to Peak Downs and south to Blackwater. The concept was to construct each project with early contractor involvement during design phase to reduce construction costs. Main Projects delivered under contract; Peak Downs Mine South access road diversion, Peak Downs RS1 tailing dam wall raise, Goonyella Riverside tailings dam raise, Goonyella Riverside Ramp 10 Relocation, HV workshop extension tower road, Peak Downs industrial area concrete pavements.

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