Scroller; including Tailings Dam and Residue Management

McCosker Contracting have a long standing relationship with QAL to conduct Mud Farming and Dam Maintenance operations on Residue Disposal Area (RDA) dams #1 and #2.

The operation includes the supply of Amphibious Scrollers – designed and built by McCosker – and modified LGP Bulldozers, operation/training and maintenance of amphibious excavators, Dam wall raisers and repairs for all Maintenance and Opera-tions Works at the RDA, Ash Dams and associated structures. Key activities include:

Supply, Operation and Maintenance of Plant and Equipment for de-watering and consolidation of residue material.

Supply, Supervision and Operation of plant for Civil Work and Maintenance, including;

  • Ash Dam Facility and residue
  • Upstream wall raises
  • Dam maintenance
  • Operation and maintenance of dewatering pumps and piping systems
  • Road and drain maintenance
  • Miscellaneous drainage and civil works
  • Sediment control structures
  • Decant structures
  • HDPE Installation and welding
  • Dam wall raises and repairs 

Management and blasting of onsite borrow pits in accordance with all relevant legislative and safety requirements.

Operation of borrow pits and production of various materials required for earthworks construction.

Supply labour and plant to maintain the owners 8,500m residue supply pipeline structures from the Refinery Plant boundary to the RDA Neutralising Plant.

Relocation and re-work of the Reside HDPE distribution headers and valving ring mains, as required for dam wall con-struction and routine maintenance. Including pipeline cutting and welding.

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