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Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB)

Moura and QAL Lines
ClientGladstone Area Water Board (GAWB)
LocationGladstone, Queensland
Duration6 Months
Value$2.3 million

Separable Portion 1: OB South Gladstone DN600 Moura Rail Crossing

Clear and grub a new pipeline alignment including suitable width for pipe stringing, placement. Supply and install new tubular steel pipe bridge (52m span) including access laddero ver existing QLD Rail infrastructure, and detailed lifting program inclusive access track and crane pad designs. Lifting program to install the bridge section in a single lift with all pipe work already attached therefore limiting disruption to the Aurizon infrastructure.

Supply and install DN 600 MSCL wye pieces , spool pieces, fitt ings, thrust flanges and concrete thrust blocks at both tie-in points onto the existing pipeline. The tie-in sequencing will be completed in the tie-ins/ shut downs 8 hour shut­down period.

Separable Portion 2: DN600 QAL Raw Water Pipeline Replacement And Enveloper Installation

Replace the existing MSCL pipe line supplying QAL under the Aurizon infrastructure railway. Pipe jack approximately 81m and install a new DN975 Class 4 Concrete enveloper under the three Aurizon railway lines. Supply and install 260 metres of new DN800 PE 100 PN 16 HDPE through the enveloper and in open excavation. Supply and install new MSCL wye pieces , gate valves, spool pieces, fittings and thrust blocks at both ends to tie-in to the new pipework to the existing pipeline.